Behind The Meter Energy specialises in providing clean, self-sustainable, alternative primary power supply systems (APPSS) to commercial, industrial, agricultural, and multi-residential based clients across Western Australia.

Behind The Meter Energy’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified solar, electrical, and mechanical engineers, can design a renewable energy system to specifically meet your needs and budget to meet all your energy loads including:

  •  Appliance Electricity
  • Hot Water - domestic | commercial | industrial
  • Process Heat
  • Spatial Heating and Cooling 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Swimming Pool Heating (commercial & residential). 

Using the latest proven tier 1 electrical and thermal energy technologies, our designs are peer reviewed and quality assured.


Become energy independent and gain control of your expenditure - stop relying on grid electricity or diesel generators incurring ever-increasing costs.

Behind The Meter Energy can assist your business meet its ESG sustainability goals. Your business or development can have abundant renewable energy whilst saving money and being in control of your energy costs for decades to come. You are in control of your profitability and able to secure environmentally conscious clients.

Three avenues to energy independence and freedom:

  • Behind The Meter Energy designs and installs a renewable energy system for an agreed cost that matches your budget and desires. You will own a high quality and reliable renewable energy system backed by our 10 year workmanship warranty. 
  • Behind The Meter Energy can facilitate finance for your renewable energy system, with fixed repayments that are less than your current monthly Synergy or diesel costs.
  • Behind The Meter Energy create clean energy solution for your premises with no upfront costs or purchase of the system required. Behind The Meter Energy will install the renewable energy system, retain ownership of it, and you only pay for the energy you use. This is a power purchase agreement that enables the consumer to buy the clean energy they use directly from Behind The Meter Energy, at a fixed reduced rate and agreed terms. This method works particularly well for sites with multiple tenants or large commercial operations.

Contact us and one of our experienced consultants can visit your site anywhere across the state.