Alternative Primary Power Supply System

Behind The Meter Energy’s Alternative Primary Power Supply System (APPSS) is a renewable energy system that replaces your Synergy connection as your primary source of power. Clients can choose to stay connected to the grid or genset for back up purposes but not use any grid power, and not be affected by long term grid black outs. Essentially, you can turn a switch and run your property on your own self generating power indefinitely. 

APPSS is individually designed and sized to suit your specific needs, matching your year-round power generation with your energy consumption. APPSS is environmentally, and economically friendly. System designs consider your budget, as well as your current and potential future usage requirements. You may be considering purchasing electric vehicles, installing a pool, or expanding your operations in the future. Behind The Meter Energy endeavour to understand your commercial or personal goals, so that the designed system can adapt and meet your needs throughout its 25 years plus life.