Summerstar Tom Price Tourist Park

66.4Kw Ground mount PV System

Working with Summerstar Tourist Parks, Behind the Meter Energy designed and installed a 66.4kW array at Tom Price Tourist Park to provide up to 80% of the daytime load. The array is the first stage of the plan to implement a renewable energy system which will effectively take the park off the grid. 

GENiUX worked with Network Manager Rio Tinto to achieve the wider electrical grid requirements.

Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services, Newman

150kW Commercial Rooftop PV  System

Behind The Meter undertook the feasibility, design, supply, and installation of the 150kW rooftop system clinic. The architectural design presented installation challenges Behind The Meter Energy was able to overcome through a cooperative approach with suppliers, installers, and the builder. The system now provides the majority of daytime energy consumption achieving the target operational savings.  We are now designing the battery storage system to allow the medical hub to operate through power outages.

Geraldton Aquarena

193kW Commercial  Rooftop PV System

Behind The Meter Energy were awarded the tender to design,  supply & install  an additional  160kW  of solar PV to the  Geraldton Aquarena. Using Sunpower Performance  Panels  and SMA  inverters  this  system is  backed  by industry  leading warranties  and  produces enough  energy to not only supply  the  onsite  plant equipment but also  feed  excess back  into  the  grid.  This system is the first in  Geraldton large  enough  to require registration  as a power  station.

Alternate Primary Power Supply System (APPSS) Installations – Residential Properties

14.8kW Off Grid APPSS – Rural WA

The owners of this family home were passionate about improving our environment and making the world a better place. The owners of these four bedrooms home recently purchased an electric vehicle and replaced their gas-powered kitchen appliances. Behind The Meter Energy consultants considered the client’s desired lifestyle (including pool heating and freedom from quarterly power bills!) and designed a clean energy system that does not require any grid power. A 48kWh FCP lead carbon battery was recommended for safety, performance, and longevity. This specific renewable energy system design was the first of its kind in Perth. Due to Behind The Meter Energy’s standard practice of monitoring performance and keeping in contact - we know they are very happy with the results and felt free from restrictive power usage and financial pressure.

13.1kW Grid Connected APPSS – Perth Metro

Behind The Meter Energy’s client built a new home and large shed on a vacant block north of Perth in Morangup. Our client discovered that it was more economical to install their own APPSS than pay Western Power to create a new connection and then ongoing electricity usage charges. The APPSS was installed inside the shed with a PV array on the shed roof. This system will operate efficiently for decades and provide an abundance of clean energy, regardless of grid blackouts or cloudy days. Behind The Meter Energy’s client’s decision to install a clean off grid APPSS has a huge impact on reducing this family’s footprint on our environment.